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Air Freshener Dispenser

  • Automatically spray fragrance into room to purify air and remove smelly odor.
  • The interval time can be set as 8 / 15 / 30 minutes as your need.
  • With a light sensor, the machine can identify daytime and night, 24 hours working/ OFF modes adjustable.
  • Wall mounted style, suitable for home bathroom, public restroom, hotel, restaurant and more.
  • Easy to install, convenient to use,no more manually spray needed.

Air Perfume Spray

  • Hang it in your car, home or office.
  • Remove odor in the car and decorate your car interior. 
  • Perfect for car, bathroom, study room and more.
  • Long-lasting fragrance. 9.00

Bathroom Wall Cleaner

  • Instantly and effectively remove all Stains in your home.
  • The continuous growth of Stains will eventually lead to pollution of the air and harm to the lungs when breathing.
  • It cleans the air by banishing toxic and odors in the atmosphere.
  • Not only does it remove the Stains, but it also creates a protective shield to avoid future Stains growth.

Bubble Cleaner

  • Are you still worrying about the greasy and rusty kitchen?
  • This product is simple to use, fast to purify, safe and effective.
  • No injuries to hands, no injuries to articles.

Carpet Cleaning Brush

  • Sweeps up crumbs and dust etc from any surface
  • Double brushed sweeper, for cleaning your table quickly and easily
  • Brush over the table surface or carpet and the crumbs and dirt will be collected in the container
  • Once finished simply push the button to open the container and empty contents into the bin

Carpet Deodorizer Mat

  • This mat is a super-absorbent doormat that keeps your floors clean and dry.    
  • Keeping your floors clean can be difficult, especially in rainy weather, and regular cloth or rubber mats can leave dirt and mud on the bottom of shoes to be tracked into your home.    
  • With this nonslip absorbent doormat there’s no need to wipe your feet, just step on the Step   Mat and the absorbent super fibres soak up the mud and water.